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Madeleine Rorke is an animator, artist and illustrator from Melbourne, recently graduated in fine arts (animation) at the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA). She primarily works in the medium of 2D animation but has also done some 3D, stop motion, charcoal and paper animations. Her love of animation was always apparent by her love of Disney, but didn’t try hand-drawn animation until year 12, which resulted in her short animation “Mon Ami.”

Her 3rd year film, 'The White Nightingale' has so far screened at four film festivals around the world, including the Cannes International Independent Film Festival (CIIFF), where it was nominated for best animated film (1 of 8).

Her inspiration is former Disney animator Glen Keane. His work is what she uses to help her develop her own style, characters and method of animation.

Her favourite character that she has created is Widdly Poppawaddles the seal, she feels that he is her own Mickey Mouse and is aiming to make a series out of him.  


A particular series of character designs were based on my own pets and other pets in my street.

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